SPECTRAtech A.E. was founded in 2006 and it comes after the collaborations of people who get activated in the wider technological scene and the automatization and controlling systems and they have served for a series of years in the higher posts of the professional preferences.

It is located in Athens, while since 2017, it has branched out in Ioannina, in Science & Technological Park of Epirus.

Its headquarters are in Athens, in a 1300m2 premises, offering complete solutions that cover completely and spherically its customers’ needs in the field of Weak Electrical Currents in Electrical Installations, cooperating with the biggest manufacturing houses abroad whilst representing exclusively the products of the above mentioned in the greek market. This fact gives the opportunity to the expertised department of experienced engineers, which deals with projects of public and Private sector, to choose the suitable product according to the demands and the budget of each project.

SPECTRAtech S.A. keeps permanent cooperation with the research departments of the Greek Universities with an emphasis on robotics.

The technical part of the company is certified by ISO 9001:201. The technical equipment of the company consists of the highest quality machines of controlling the digital and analogue technology accredited by the ISO/IEC 17025 model by the German National Institute of Metrology PTB. SPECTRAtech S.A. disposes 3D printer BigRep in Greece (1,05 cubic meters) for industrial 3D constructions.

SPECTRAtech S.A. keeps cooperations with important companies and indeed special figures in the international robotics scene:

  • Kuka Robotics – German company which manufactures industrial robots
  • Kinova Robotics – Canadian technological company which manufactures robotic platforms and supporting applications
  • Right Hand Robotics – American company which provides complete solutions that reduce the cost of the management of electronic products, clothing, retailers, medicine, and numerous other industrial ones
  • Robotics – Low-cost robotic systems and human life

Through these collaborations, SPECTRAtech aims to gain the appropriate knowledge regarding:

  • contemporary methods of mechanical visio via 3D cameras. It would be given emphasis on the genius analysis of virtual series with the use of mechanic apprenticeship methods and mechanic vision
  • contemporary methods of apprenticeship of robotic systems. Development method for easy robot programming, an approach that concerns the use of robotics through an alternative apprenticeship and programming way (as far as it is about the algorithm) under the
  • development of the thinking organization spectrum through the prediction for the displacement of items inside an area.
  • composition of a total robotic system for supporting applications in cooperation with leading manufacturers of robotic systems (Kuka, Kinova)

This project has received funding from the European Union